Take Me Out

imageWhy oh why don’t take me out let women choose between 30 men? Perhaps it would make men seem inferior like us women? Surely in the twenty first century we are moving towards equality and therefore these roles can be challenged…

I mean it’s not like we live in a world where men still pay for the whole bill or men have to take women out so why are we watching a show that suggests we do. (And anyway, it’s not like they’re paying!)

I feel that the overall concept of the  show really makes women look desperate and extremely inferior, at the end of the day, women get to decide if they keep their light on but the power lies in the hand of the male. And this whole concept of “keeping your light on” sort of resembles the red light district.

In terms of the show first dates, it’s really nice to see popular culture so welcoming to expressing homosexual relationships, so surely we could welcome this into Take Me Out?




Is the new Barbie doll empowering?

3750         There has been a lot of hype over the recent introduction of a range of different sized and different colour skin toned Barbies. Although this is supposed to have a positive effect on young girls in terms of realistic body expectations and by offering a range of barbies for girls all over the world to “identify” with,  it brands girls as somewhat… pathetic.

If a plastic doll can have the effect that they are expecting, then this really makes me question the intelligence of most girls. As a child I was able to view barbie as a toy and I was no way convinced that this was how I was expected to look. Obviously, I thought she was pretty and that maybe it would be nice to be pretty when I grew up but I was completely aware that this was a manufactured toy and like most things, the production team have the intensions of making their products look good and appealing.

There is a lot of current issues with men and body dysmorphia. Recently I watched Reggie Yates’ Extreme UK dying for six pack and it really opened my eyes to how many men experience these disorders. If you look at the ken doll, his body resembles most of these mens dream body and nobody has thought to examine the unrealistic body expectations that this causes for men. Therefore, if they think that changing a barbie doll can have such a dramatic effect on preventing body dysmorphia and so on, then why don’t they change the ken doll?



If anything the introduction of the new barbie doll has proven to be everything but empowering, it has created the illusion that the first barbie doll is “normal” and these additions are second best. It is stupid that a new Barbie doll has had so much media exposure, it just shows the stupidity involved in consumer culture.