Riot Grrrl

During last term we studied Youth Cultures, I already had existing knowledge on Riot Grrrls and I knew that their overall ethics interested me, so I decided to study them further. I found many existing Riot Grrrl bands based in and around Manchester and Leeds and instantly contacted them through Facebook. I used Facebook as a tool for interviewing and most of them were happy to participate. It was interesting to see if people who categorised themselves as Riot Grrrls still incorporated the same ideologies into their work/music that the 90’s Riot Grrrl movement created. The key quote that enticed me to do my research was McDonnell 1994 who states that Riot Grrrls were “Dead” and “Irrelevant” by 1994. I was born in 1994 and for me to have such an interest in Riot Grrrls is a clear example of the significant affect that Riot Grrrls have caused for young women today.

Some bands were all girl based, others had female leads but most of them prided themselves on the ability they had to produce their own music with their own passionate lyrics, something that women during the Punk era unfortunately lacked.

Although Riot Grrrl music is not something that I listen to, the overall passion and ideologies that are incorporated into the music is something that interests me.

Anyone who is interested in finding out about existing Riot Grrrl bands, here are some of the bands that I interviewed: Jesus and his judgmental father, The Orielles, Hannah Golightly, LIINES, Esper Scout and many more. Check out:


My images: LIINES & The Orielles

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